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Hey! So yeah this is another item I wanted to put into my wardrobe for ages. Oh well. One year. Yes, I was about to get one like this one year ago. And now. 2016. The moment has arrived! This is the third and last piece of
outwear I've received from Shores. Now that I've finally worn all three jackets that came into the package I can clearly say their quality is SO nice and, as you've seen, they've got variety of styles as well.
Santi and I spent last Saturday all day out, went for brunch in a garden, then lunch (yes almost right after brunch, we ate a lot). Then to Kew Gardens because we wanted to see more flowers and green stuff and then we enjoyed a movie with friends and pizzas. So yeah, for the occasion I chose to wear this grey-ish outfit and took pictures next to a canal. Even you cannot really see it in the pictures, yes we were next to a beautiful canal that leaded us to Little Venice. Anyway, will be posting a vlog about that day on my Youtube channel shortly. And meanwhile you can go and watch the one I just uploaded a couple of days ago. YAS! This is how I like to write. Brief and direct. Cool. Take much care and see you next week. OH WAIT. I almost forgot. Going to Amsterdam next weekend so will post some photography and I guess I'll be active on Instagram and Snapchat so make sure you join me on all social media to see what's going on in there! ;-)


Overcoat from Shores, Pull&Bear trousers, roll neck from Topman Premium and Converse sneakers