Hi there! Let's talk about some of the essentials we all should have in our wardrobes. This look here today is quite basic, meaning I used a few key pieces... but I want to focus on two main items: the oxford shirt and the trousers. Ok so let's make
something clear from the very beginning. In general, I don't get very expensive clothes because I am 23, work, live and enjoy life in London, you know? With that said, I also must recognise that it is worth it to spend a bit more money when it comes to items which will fashionably last, like basics. But we obviously can also find basics at a lower price which will also last, and this is why I am going to compare the trousers versus the shirt.
Trousers are from Pull&Bear, they were £30 pounds. I think. Not sure because I got them over a year ago now. I don't usually get clothes from Pull&Bear, not as much as I did when I was 15... but I'm so glad with this purchase because I was really looking for a pair of tailored and cropped trousers. And those were the best option I found for a lower budget. 
Regarding the shirt, this was sent to me by the guys at Asket. And, honestly, I would 100% reorder it myself. Also before I continue with this, I was given the item to try it on and give my honest opinion about it. I haven't been payed anything to just write nice words about the brand. And will never do that for any brand anyway. Now, this item is a bit more expensive, but it's made with 100% Egyptian cotton, Mother of Pearl buttons and almost tailored to fit everyone as they offer up to 15 different sizes. From my experience when they sent me the product, I had a few issues with the sizing because I wasn't used to the huge range of what they offer, but they were always happy to send me a new size. TBH, they specialise in essentials and have other products over on their website here, like tees, polos, sweaters... so give them a try because, sometimes, it is really much more worth it the quality over quantity.

And let's call it a post. Don't know what happened today but I wrote like. A lot.
Hope you're having a wonderful time and stay tuned for next week's post!

Jacket from H&M, trousers from Pull&Bear, shirt from Asket and Dr. Martens shoes

Photography by Santi