Hello there! Autumn is being so cold, but like, so cold, freezing. This is something I wore on one of the coldest days. And, you might not notice the trick, but underneath the jacket I was also wearing a hoodie because it was much needed. I'm not dumb,
I'm just good at hiding what doesn't go with the outfit hahaha ;-)
Anyway let's talk about the look. I'm honestly into oversized outfits a lot, specifically trousers lately, but at the same time I don't think the style suits me because I am not the tallest and slimmest person in the world and, sometimes, wearing too much oversized might make you look shorter and chunkier (?)... I think. What I tried to do here is to create an optical illusion by using items which would stylise my shape and make me look taller. The fact that the scarf is long and it went down to my knees made my whole body look longer; same with the overcoat; and, the wideness of the trousers don't really accentuate the slimness of my legs but, the fact that they're high rise makes them look longer.
I hope this tips help you put together some oversized items, don't be afraid to try on new styles and experiment because I'm pretty sure there's always a way to adapt a trend or style to any body shape. And stay tuned as I'll be posting a beauty post very soon this same week, most probably in a couple of days :-)

Shirt from Zara, jacket from Shores, Asos trousers, Vans trainers and handmade scarf by My Grandma

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