First of all, sorry about the scarf I am oddly wearing. I didn't expect it to be that cold that day and only wore a basic tee with the jacket. Later on I ended up using the scarf as a cape underneath the jacket but the shape
wasn't ideal so it just looks weird... and I didn't think of taking it off for the pictures, which I only realised when editing them. Well done Gerard. I now have the feeling that if I didn't just told you that, it might had looked ok to you, lol.
Ok so, forgetting about the scarf drama. Remember ASKET? The brand I told you about on my last post also shipped me this basic t-shirt in charcoal grey and guys, you can really tell the quality of the cotton, all my other basic t-shirts are now crying because I would only wear them when this one is rotating in the washing machine. Then also wanted to talk to you about the trousers... I've been wanting to put them out here for weeks, even months now. I got them before summer for one of the weddings I attended on June and of course when I bought them I already knew they wouldn't be only used on the wedding. I actually don't like getting clothes for only one specific occasion and then just leave them dying in the closet. Instead, I rather find the perfect, most elegant and formal outfit, but knowing each separate item can be used later on to put together a more casual look... don't you think that's more clever? I do :-)
Anyway, it's not that my wedding outfit was super elegant or formal, I don't like rules telling me to wear suits etc. So, as far as I am a rebel now, I decided to wear the trousers you see here today with a white polo shirt on top and white shoes (which I showed you already, see them by clicking here). Now you can put those 3 items together in your imagination and see how I looked on the wedding (click here for a bit more help). Now goodbye and see you here next week! But remember meanwhile you can follow me on Instagram ;-)

T-shirt from Asket, trousers and biker jacket from Topman, scarf from Asos and Converses All Stars shoes

Photography by Santi

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