Hello there! Ok so here you have it: a beauty post so you can all look as flawless as I do... ha. Jokes. No seriously, some of you have been asking me through Instagram Stories: "what's that thing on your face?". Well you guys, that's a mask! Hahaha I know you already knew and actually wanted to know which mask was it. To be honest, I never quite used creams, moisturisers and fancy stuff. Only after shaving and it's just Aloe Vera. But, recently, I've been quite interested and doing some research on the use of skin-care products etc and, in my opinion, I think we actually do good to ourselves if we take care of our skin. Which might sound obvious, but really, at least make sure you wash you face properly every night the same way you brush your teeth. I don't want to tell you to use products - because there're more factors that influence your skin being healthy and marvellous, such as your diet - but do your best to keep your skin looking and feeling great.
Now, I am not a super expert so I don't mean to be giving any lessons here, I just wanted to share which are my thoughts and the products I'm using right now because I feel they're good and you might want to give them a try. So let's get into it!


Cleanser: Angels on Bare Skin, Lush

To kick it off, let's talk about cleansers. I actually have two but this one also helps to exfoliate, a bit. It takes a bit more time to apply, etc. but not big deal. I just have to mix it with water and it turns into a paste, apply and wash it off with water... actually easy. It has quite a lot of ingredients and what I get from it is a calm and a brighter skin, a part from clean. Apparently, you can also apply it all over your body, but I haven't tried it tbh. Maybe in a near future.


Cleanser: 9 to 5, Lush

This is the easier option I use as a cleanser. It's just a lotion (or milk, as they call it) and I apply, then remove instantly with a cotton pad and done. It actually leaves a thin and smooth layer on my skin and smells so, so good. What I'd do either with this one or the previous is to apply them and then straight afterwards apply the two final touches. Keep reading.


Elderflower Eye Gel, The Body Shop

This one is super easy to apply and I really think it makes its job. It's a transparent gel I use on the skin under / around my eyes, I put it on morning and just before bed. It's refreshing so it calms any inflammation (as anything cold does) which means it helps make the dark circles and puffiness disappear. Not that I have enormous bags under my eyes, HA. Because I get good rests at night, which also helps a lot to keep the skin around your eyes healthy by letting it recover from tiredness etc. But yeah I think it helps and actually makes my eyes feel less tired.


Seaweed Gel Cream, The Body Shop

By using this product I get a matt finish on my face, just like a matt car. It's oil-balancing and makes sure I'm hydrated all day long, kind of... meaning it obvs won't last all day long because you touch and might wash your face during the day. I also like the smell of it and I actually don't have anything else to add. Well, in general, I must say I prefer products I tried from Lush. Basically because, as you might know: they're not tasted with animals, they're organic, don't have any genetic modifications, ETC. and I really can feel that when I apply them on. I think the first thing I can notice it through is the smell. They smell good, but can also smell not so good and that tells me they're natural scents. Don't get me wrong, the two products from The Body Shop are also great and I think they work, but I can also tell they're more artificial, etc.


Face mask: Brazened Honey, Lush

To finish it off, this is what you might have seen on Instagram hahaha. It's the typical face mask you put on and leave for 10 to 15 mins. It doesn't really smells of honey because it actually contains many other ingredients, but I still like the smell of it. It apparently has some antiseptic qualities and, a part from detoxing, it also moisturises and, after washing it off, my skin is beyond smooth. I use it once or twice a week; even they told me I could use it as often as I wanted to, I already cleanse and moisturise my face everyday with other products, so don't see the need of running out of face mask that quick hahaha.

That's it guys! I hope this somehow helps you decide on which products you want to use, if you want to use any at all. As I mentioned, at the end of the day, what really matters is that we take care of ourselves and we can keep your skin healthy in many other ways. Products are something that can help you, something that's a good tool / resource, as long as we use it wisely :-)
Oh and also, using all this or any other products won't make your monthly break downs disappear. I still get those.