Hello all! So, one week ago I received this phone case from the guys at Pitaka, I showed it on Instagram - because, as usual, and I will never get tired of repeating this, everything goes first on Instagram, then on the blog... so make sure you follow me there if you're not yet - and I am here today to let you know all about it through my experience so far.

When the guys at Pitaka reached out, I gathered some information and, after learning how innovative and creative they are, I accepted to go ahead and write a review about one of their products. To be honest, they had other case designs that I liked so much as well, some of them looked more serious, sophisticated and elegant, even a bit edgy... but I went with this one as I found it's a bit more different and fun.

They sell their products on their website (obvs) as well as through Amazon. So, if at the end of this post you're thinking of purchasing, you can find this cork case by clicking here or just visit the website and browse! Plus, I've heard they've got a Christmas treat going on from today and until the 25th... if you use "XMAS" code at checkout, you'll get 20% off + free shipping worldwide. You're welcome ;-)

Anyway, back to the case... it got home well wrapped and in a nice box, with instructions... e v e r y t h i n g. Oh, and the box also contained a tempered glass screen protector. BANG. I actually wasn't expecting that and it was a great surprise cause I've been carrying my iPhone around without any screen protection at all for a long time now (and luckily nothing happened). So yeah, for what it costs, I think it's a very good deal compared to what you get from the Apple Store, for example, where the simplest cases are already £25, and don't include the screen protector.

Regarding the product itself and the material, I am absolutely enjoying it. It's 100% recycled cork. No leather, no plastic, nothing else but cork. It has a bit of texture so it feels so nice at touch and could be holding it all day. The only thing I am a bit worried is about the day when I'll get it wet, because I can be very clumsy sometimes... well, theoretically and according to what I've read, because of the technique they use when working with the material, it should be ok. Because, let's be honest, it won't be 100% cork (and yes I am retracting myself here). It will be 99% cork but it must contain some kind of finish that makes the whole thing stay in shape, etc. I'm not an engineer but I am pretty sure of that :-)

Overall, it is an eco-friendly and sustainable case. And that's the main reason why I love it, and why I love all brands with the same thought and concept behind. Actually, Pitaka, aims to design and produce all their products from healthier materials as they're conscious. At the same time they also love design and I think that's why I empathised so well with the brand. I really hope you guys check them out and like it!