I know it's not very clever to wear two jackets on boxing day, but, my friends, I am back home right now, came over for the holiday and we don't do this crazy sale thing on the 26th, we rather keep eating because we haven't had enough with the past two days. Like, seriously, I can't eat anymore and I'm giving finishing touches to this post just before I leave for another huge lunch.

Aaaanyway, these pictures were shot before all the festivities started, cause right now I think I can't fit two jackets at the same time. I really wanted to give my overcoat a more casual use, so, instead of wearing it with a blazer or full suite (which I've never done anyway and doubt I will, but never say never) I used a denim jacket underneath, which ads informality.

The black jeans I customised myself by ripping the hem, a detail that ads a street / grunge touch to the overall look. I really wanted to combine those denim with the high top converses as I just love how it looks and it's another casual plus added to the look.

Now, as you know, I most of the time wear huge oversized scarves; they make you feel cozy and, of course, are the warmest. But I've recently decided to get a smaller one which I could wear on more formal occasions and look more delicate, letting other pieces stand out more. In this case, I wanted the layering of the jackets to be the centre of the outfit so I chose to wear the smaller scarf more as a decoration accessory rather than a useful one.

Denim jacket & overcoat from Shores (*), jeans from H&M, high top Converse All Star trainers and Glen Lossie scarf
Photography by Santi Montero