So, if you know me well enough or if you followed me for long enough, you will know I am a foodie. Meaning I love eating, trying new food and savours, discover places to go and have delicious meals in nice atmospheres; because, a part from enjoying food, I also appreciate an amazingly curated interior, so I'm always looking for that cosy and modern cafe / restaurant with an indulgent menu. Today I want to tell you about this place I discovered on a Wednesday night while I was pretending to watch Harry Potter.

The concept behind this eatery is all healthy, fresh and local. The next morning we ran there before picking up my friend who was coming over for a few days and had. An. Amazing. Breakfast. Santi is more into sweet and ordered a porridge with blueberries and honey, while I rather have salty stuff in the morning - and all day long actually, tbh I am not a big fan of chocolates and pastries - so I had this avocado toast with poached eggs and pesto. One thing I regret not ordering was one of their cold pressed juices or smoothies... so I'm definitely going back for one of those!

Regarding the space itself, it's quite a small place and I could've had a bit more distance between tables maybe but it had a lot of natural light, which I loved. Industrial details such the metal lights on the wall contrasting with the wooden benches, tables and chairs, framed photography, some plants in the corner and hanging lights made the whole atmosphere feel cosy and warm... and I just wanted to stay for lunch too!