With Christmas being around the corner, I thought I would tell you about a few points I bare in mind when I have to dress up during this holiday season. Three little tips I've learnt and applied to myself throughout the years. I'm so excited BTW, flying back home in two days and can't wait to play with my puppy, see my family and friends. I'm weirdly so much into the Christmas spirit this year, and I like it :-)
So let's get into it, I hope you like it or it's somehow useful to you!

Trousers, blazer and t-shirt from Zara, choker from ASOS and Vans trainers
Photography by Santi Montero

We all want to look our best, always, but specially during the Christmas period. I actually have a similar feeling as when I've to go to a wedding... similar. The two main pieces I've gone for are the blazer and the high rise trousers. I'm also keeping the whole outfit monochrome which I think makes it more chic... I know I'm not being innovative with the monochrome thing, but I really don't feel like wearing colour at all as the whole house and table are usually over adorned and full of colour, which makes me want step away from it. To go outside, I'd grab a long overcoat or a padded jacket if you want to go for a more casual look... which brings me to the next point.

So, remember it's all about family reunions and meeting your closest friends. You don't need to impress nobody and too elegant isn't necessary, I think. Also, you're gonna be eating a lot (or at least I will), so don't wear excessively fitted dresses or those trousers that look fantastic but are just one inch smaller. You don't want to feel uncomfortable. For example, the trousers I'm wearing are actually my favourite item right now. They look smart and, at the same time, they're the most comfortable thing on earth, the fabric is almost like jersey and they dry superquick, so, yeah.
I'm mixing the two smarter pieces with a 100% cotton t-shirt instead of a shirt; the tee is quite fitted and I tuck it inside the trousers to keep it smarter (and because I'm short and the high rise makes my legs look longer ;-). Also, I love mixing up suites with trainers so I'm wearing my Vans old skool in black to keep the monochrome theme going.

I'm a fan of the "less is more" and don't usually wear much jewellery or any kind of accessories tbh, also because I feel it bothers me most of the time. BUT, for example, the rings are something that's always there, whatever I'm wearing. And I think they give the outfit attitude and make the smart look more fun. Also, on this occasion I'm wearing a golden choker. It's a men's choker but I'm apparently a kid so it fits me a bit loose, still like it tho. I think those are the kind of accessories that will make your look definitely stand out. Be careful, you don't want to look like the Christmas tree at your grandma's.