All pictures by me 

Santi and I have recently got this nice gift from a friend who knows us well enough to know we like scents. So I thought I'd write about it and how I always try to keep my room smelling fresh and clean.
Now, I'm not a homeware or interior design blogger, BUT, I still share whatever I feel like, so let's get into it... I thought the best way for me to tell you about all our different what I do to keep my room smelling nice is by highlighting them one by one. Keep reading in between the images to discover all of them.

That's actually not an optional thing to do and something I always keep doing; thanks mum for being so stubborn when I didn't want to let in the cold winter air. Make sure you ventilate your room by opening the windows for at least 30 minutes. During the night, our body releases different odors... not going to get into details. So yes, first of all, the best thing you can do is to let the fresh air come in before you do anything else. Don't try to just kill that stinky air with other products because you might only make it worse. Another option if you don't want to freeze yourself in winter would be an air-purifier machine... but I rather let all the heat out as well so, for me, opening the window is the most effective way.

I can't keep a plant alive for longer than a week, but I found one that looks great even when it dries out, so I can keep it for longer. These few sprigs of eucalyptus have been in our room for almost one month now, and if you get close enough, it still smells a bit. Plants can also work as a great decoration piece and bring a bit of colour to the interior... even, as you can see, we've got a gorgeous green tree in front of our window which already brings colour to our room. I'm also so happy it's there cause it creates a natural wall of intimacy and, when I first open my eyes in the morning, for a second, I forget I'm in the middle of the city. 

We love candles, and by "we" I mean our flatmates and us, we have like three different candles in the living room, not all of them are scented. I don't know what my flatmates like about them but I bet we'd all agree if I say I feel the sofa gets comfier when they're lit. Anyway, we've recently got a new one from Anthropologie which smells so f****ing good, pls click here to see. A candle can be the statement piece on your shelf adding warmth and a relaxation mood to the room... so yeah, that's another of our go-to when it comes to get the perfect smell in the room.

That's the one on the pictures... we've just started using and, omg, I can't stop spraying. Spray it on your curtains or sheets just after you ventilate and it will turn your room to a garden full of fresh roses. This one in particular has a fruity smell and is sooo nize. I must admit I tried other sprays before and never liked them very much, I felt like they were either too concentrated or actually intoxicated the air. But this one, been using this one for a week only and it's already in my favourites list. I knew this brand but never used it before, now I'm sure I'll just get everything from it, they have candles, soap, hand creams... someone stop me.

This thing is magic. We got it a few weeks before Christmas... it's basically a tank filled with water to which you add essential oils, then the water evaporates thanks to some ultrasonic waves (weird and magic thing), so the vape is actually cold and it smells super nice! We have like four different essential oils so we can just change the smell every now and then. So cool. And it also has a bulb so it's perfect to add a bit of mood lighting to a corner of the room too. We sometimes turn it on when we get into bed at night, as it is relaxing and switches off itself :-P

Let me know if you decide to give a try to some of those things or share which are your routines to keep your space nice and fresh with me so I can also try new stuff. Thanks for reading one more time!