Shirt from Asos, jacket and jeans from H&MDr Martens shoes and sunnies from Ace&Tate(*)
Photography by Santi Montero

Hello all, hope 2017 is going well so far! Today, further to the look, I want to officially introduce you to my friend Tara, she's the cuttest puppy and you might have met her on Instagram already hahaha. My parents adopted her just before last summer and she lives back home with them and my brother. We've always had dogs around and, after Franja passed away one year ago (she was 14 yo), we decided to adopt for the first time. Actually, as long as I no longer live with them, I'm left out of any decisions in that house; so they did it, then gave me the news!

The thing is, I was so happy they decided to adopt because it is actually something I've been thinking about recently (dogs, not kids). Not only because we also want to get a puppy in our house here in London - which is not going to happen anytime soon - but because I think it's actually the most sensible thing to do. At the end of the day, they were abandoned by someone who didn't want them and, the least we can do is give them love and a place to be. Same happens with the human race, and dogs are not less... I think.

Good then, after throwing that thought to you, let's get talking about this total black outfit. Played with the layering a bit by putting together this longline sleeveless shirt, short sleeves tee underneath and the shorter bomber on top. I really liked the result, although my favourite part of the outfit are the shoes. God. I got them long ago. But, like, ages ago. They fit a bit small and stopped wearing them for a long time, now everytime I visit back home I wear them for a while and this time had to take them to the UK with me, so expect to see them much more.
Someone on IG already asked me where to buy them, but guys I can't even remember where I got them from... I promise to do some research and let you know if I find them somewhere on the web ;-)