Jacket and trousers from H&M, shirt from Bershka, sunnies from Ace&Tate(*) and Dr Martens shoes 

Happy Monday y'all! It's raining a bit in London but who cares cause it's Monday and one must kick off the week positively. Today's post was shot by my father, who misses shooting with me for the blog, (lie, I actually wake him up from naps when pictures are needed) so we got to go out and take these pictures over Christmas.

On that day, when the whole family went out for lunch, I chose to wear a 100% wide outfit featuring straight lines / shapes and also played with the layering. I love the minimal mood of it, I think it also transmits elegance and even looks a bit futuristic. I love the result... BUT at the same time I also must confess it's a bit difficult for me to feel comfortable and confident when wearing this kind of clothes. As I recall mentioning on a previous post (see here), I'm not very tall so I feel oversized clothes can make me look shorter and they don't strengthen my figure. But anyway, I still think you're supposed to have fun with fashion and my style keeps changing or at least I try to keep it versatile... that's why I like to take risks with new ideas because, who knows, it might turn out you've come up with something extra interesting, or not. The thing is, here's a short reflexion for you to think about and hope it inspires you to go a bit further with your outfits and experiment a bit more when you're putting clothes on.

With that said, I hope you enjoy the pictures, which I loved taking in a quite hidden corner from my city downtown and thanks for reading! XO