It might sound cheesy but I've always liked welcoming a new year. For most of us, it's an opportunity for a fresh start and change; and, despite I'm so thankful for 2016, I needed it to end now and I'm more than ready to kick off 2017. Today I want to write down some of my resolutions and aim you to do the same with yours... because goals are easier to achieve when written down for you to remember, just like your daily "to do" lists.

I consider myself a motivated and positive person who wants to do lots of things, but all you need is time. Since I started freelancing a couple months ago, I got the chance to dedicate myself more to blogging, go to the gym more often and work on personal projects. This year I want to keep being consistent on all these things... create more interesting content, keep up with a healthy lifestyle (which includes cooking more nutritious and interesting vegetarian meals at home - stop laziness) and take my personal projects further. Because, if there's something I've learned, not only in 2016 but throughout the years, is that consistency is key.

Travelling. This might be typical but... I've always liked (and think we all do, even some people just don't know yet) travelling and seeing amazing places, learning from different cultures and meeting new people. That's actually one of the reasons why I wanted to move to London from an early age, I guess. This year, and thanks to my previous job, I got the chance to travel and I've been in different places, which is something I'm so thankful for. And by end of this month of January I will be flying to Thailand with friends, which I'm really looking forward to. But it's not only about travelling and going around the globe... we've been living in London for over two years now and, ok, we've done a lot here, but this is immense and we still got a lot more to see and discover from this amazing city / country.

Ok so, that's a difficult one. On one hand, I want to work harder than ever. As mentioned on the previous point, I just started freelancing and, all I want to do is work, work and work with inspiring people, focus on what I truly love which is fashion, photography and the blog. On the other hand, I feel like we live in a constant rush... and that's kind of why it's difficult for me to keep being consistent in other things, because we barely find time to do our own stuff, and that's not good. So, from 2017, I agreed with Santi to go on more city breaks. The goal is to disconnect for short periods of time without spending lots of money. So kind of travelling, but near our basecamp... cause we also need to save!

I feel like goals are being set or coming to us daily or so often. That's why the three ones I've written about today are not the only resolutions for the new year. I'll most probably come up with new ones in the coming days and, of course, some of them are private and personal goals... which we all have.
I hope you all work hard and achieve what you propose. Also don't forget to give love to everyone around you.