Jumper, jacket and trousers from Topman, sneakers from Asos (*) and shades from WearMe Pro (*)

Well hello everybody! The guys from WearMe Pro reached out to get me involved on their campaign called #WindowToTheWorld so you can learn a bit more about where I am from or the place I live in. In this case and on this post, I'll write a bit about London, the amazing city I moved to over a couple years ago.
As you know or might have realised, I'm originally from Catalonia in Spain but, as long as I've been living here and I now consider this city my second home, I thought it'd be sensible to tell you all about my experience so far, what moves me and inspires me from this city and what makes it so unique. So let's get into it, keep reading between the images ;-)

I'd say the reason why I always wanted to move here was because my auntie did so 14 years ago already. I guess as a child she was someone I looked up to as she was always so artistic and spent a lot of time with my brother and I doing handicrafts and other fun stuff, which I've always enjoyed, more than playing cars obviously. Anyway, this plus the desire to discover another country and, let's be honest, the fact everyone was panicking so much about the crisis in Spain made me think "ok, there's nothing to loose". And, actually, I've realised there's never anything to loose, well there might be, but there's also something to win. Always. So... here I am.

Diversity, I think one of the things that I enjoy the most from this city is the diversity. Ever since I came I've been learning and discovering more about other cultures. I started working and my colleague was a girl from Saudi so she told me everything about where she's from, the prayers, etc. She's nowadays a good friend and I'm glad I gained in diversity when it comes to friendships as well. Also on my first job we had a lot of clients from Saudi Arabia so that also helped my Saudi culture knowledge growth. Knowing more about, discovering and getting more engaged with other cultures is definitely something I enjoy a lot, and London has been offering it.

Because of this diversity and cultures mix I just mentioned, I could also find a lot of different options when it comes to eating. Food is everywhere in this city, so many options, good options. And there's nothing I love more than food. So far, I got to try a lot of different things. Felt even more in love with pizza, discovered halloumi cheese (best on mashed avocado toast) and tasted the best vegetarian wraps with hummus and falafel. That's something I'll miss a lot whenever I move back to Barcelona, because even nowadays I know better London than Barcelona, I bet there's not as much over there. Really, I think I'll try to create more food content guys, and maybe bring you my perfect guide to eat around London.

And last but not least: Architecture. As a photographer, this is something I really like getting inspired by, and you can tell by looking at my Instagram feed, ha. I find architecture can express a lot and I see every single building is a piece of art, some of them are more majestic than others but all beautiful in their own way. I love how older and classier architecture gets merged with newer and modern skyscrapers all along the Thames and around the whole city. I'd say my favourite piece of architecture so far is the National Theatre. A brutalist building featuring a landscape of concrete layers and geometrical shapes, so huge and so minimal looking.

Well I hope you enjoyed this post and got to know me and what I like / enjoy a bit better, I'm definitely showing you a bit better some of the stuff I've just mentioned above on other posts.
Now, stay tuned cause I'm flying to Thailand on Saturday, what means you'll see some travel posts soon and the second part of #WindowToTheWorld will feature Bangkok, which I'm expecting to be a great and mental city. So excited!