Tee from Primark, trousers and Birkenstock sandals from Chatuchak Market

Hello there! Here's more from Bangkok, today I'm showing you what I wore when we went to visit temples, which was a very easy to put together and economic outfit. Well so, as some of you may know, they've got a dress code to access temples... and it goes like this: you need to cover shoulders and knees (both sexes), ideally ankles too... but I kind of ignored that las bit. Opz. It wasn't big deal tho, I don't usually wear tank tops so a tee was fine; before I left for Thailand I went to Primark and bought lots of basics to last me for the trip. The sandals + trousers I got from a market there just the day before. The pair of trousers are the traditional fisherman trousers and lots of locals liked me wearing them, or found it funny at least. The sandals, I honestly doubt they're actually Birkenstock haha, but you could find them everywhere in markets and I actually didn't pack any sandals because I knew I would get a pair there... which is actually something I'd recommend you to do too: don't pack a lot because you can buy EVERYTHING once there in Bangkok. Of course it's key to wear sandals cause you're gonna be taking them off all the time as you also can't get into temples with any kind of shoes on, so it's gonna be a pain if you decide to put laced up trainers on on the day.
Also, I didn't only wore a total black because I like it but also because I tried to blend as much as I could with locals, they're in a period of mourning right now as their King passed away not long ago, so they appreciate the fact you bare this in mind and like it if you use black clothes or  any other sombre colours. Definitely not very bright colours! Now get ready for next post on Thursday, time to get down to the paradisiac islands of Thailand...