All pictures by Santi Montero and I

Well well well, the day has arrived! During the following days I will be sharing with you a compilation of pictures from our trip to Thailand and try to explain some key things you should bare in mind if you're planing to visit the country. So let's get started, today is Bangkok! Keep reading in between the images and don't hesitate to drop me a line if you think I can help you in anything else. Hope you enjoy it!

Let's start talking about budget, because that's something we all young people wonder about when we're planning a big trip and I know how time consuming it is to organise something like this on your own, as some of you might be doing right now. So I spent almost £1,000 on this trip including everything... the direct return flight to Bangkok with BA was already £400, so I only spent around £600 during the 13 days we were in Thailand, including all accommodations and connections to the south and back. Pretty good, I think.

Don't get to worried about how to move around, there will be a taxi or someone offering a transport service everywhere. Their public transport is great but, tbh, we didn't use it much. We were 15 minutes walking from the nearest tube station and realised we were gonna pay aprox. the same price per person if we took taxis. Now, the magic word for taxis is: meter. You'll read this everywhere and it's all true... always ask the drivers to use their meter. Some of them will give you a price before you get on the car but you must insist, don't get on the car until they turn the meter on; for example on one occasion we were offered a ride for 250Baht and ended up paying only 80Baht thanks to the meter.

When I was doing my research on how to move around, I also read that they speak some english so it's easy to communicate. Well my surprise was to find out a lot of people couldn't understand us. Even basic questions to drivers such as "How much time does it take to get there?" couldn't be answered. So my point here is that you'll need to always have a screenshot in hand of where you want to go, but also try to always have the address or whatever it is in Thai language as of course it will make their life easier, and yours too. Even better if you've internet tho, because in one occasion one driver even asked me to be his GPS; and you might need to find the address of your next destination in unexpected occasions when you're in the middle of the street, so yeah. But don't worry too much about internet... a SIM card was something I wanted to get as soon as I got there but ended up only using wi-fi all the time cause they've got easy internet access everywhere.

Now the fun part. We didn't spend that much in the city so basically visited the most typical things such as temples and markets. Tbh, it's a crazy full of life city and I would've liked to stay a bit longer and have more time to just walk and get lost in the streets of Bangkok. I think the most fun and "different" place was, by far, the Unicorn Cafe. We discovered this place on Facebook just the week before getting on our plane and thought it was so cute and gay, so we had to visit. Everything is pink and all food is colourful and looked magical... also it tasted great! As you'll see I've "geotagged" the places on some of the images so it'll be easier for you to identify them.