Overcoat from Shores (*), COS tee, trousers from Zara, shoes and beanie from Asos and socks from Punto Blanco

Hello I'm back! After this two-week break I'm back on track and with lots to share with you guys! As you might have seen on Instagram, I've been travelling around Thailand and well it was a great experience. But not gonna tell you more about it now, I'm working on different posts so you can know all about the trip and the first one is going live on Thursday, so stay tuned cause I can't wait to show you!

Today it's an #ootd from the day before I left on the trip. Clearly, cause I've got, like, a very cool tan on rn. I thought I'd put together a look with a huge scarf and socks, because I like scarves but don't wear them very often and I think socks are warm but also don't usually wear long socks lol. So yeah those were the main things I wanted to get into the look when I first opened the wardrobe also because I knew it was gonna be so cold outside. Then I thought I also wanted to give this new basic tee a use and voila, this happened... I love the fact the upper part is so geometric as it adds a nice detail to the look and makes this basic item a bit more fun and different. Oh and I'm also wearing a new beanie hat because I got a black one but wanted to vary a bit so I purchased this in twist which came with a pastel pink one too :-) BTW I'm aware I haven't labeled the scarf further up, this is because it isn't from any specific shop, I got it at Brick Lane's market last year. So yeah you can just go and find it... won't be difficult tho, I think it's everywhere hahaha!