All pictures taken by Santi and I

Welcome back! Today I'll tell you about the day when I became a master of cocktails and sushi. Kinda. Ok so, I partnered with my friends at Obby and assisted one of the classes they offer. It was difficult to pick one from the amount of options they have but we couldn't resist and went for the Sushi and Cocktails Masterclass at Kouzu London. Reason 1 being we are big fans of sushi. Reason number two: it also included cocktails and thought that would be fun, because of the learning, of course. And yes, changed from singular to plural cause I took Santi with me so I'll now include him in the story :-)

The group was divided in two and one half started with sushi and the other half with the cocktails. Well so Santi and I were on the second half, which means we got started with the cocktails. It was actually interesting and fun, you have no idea of how many things can go into those drinks, really... but whatever it was, we drank it. We were taught all the different tools used for the process of cocktail creation and, after we tried two different beautiful drinks made by the professional guys behind the bar at Kouzu, we got to prepare our own cocktail. So yeah you're calculations are right; by 1.30pm we already had 3 cocktails and the only food we had before that was a light 8am breakfast. I was actually worried of what was about to happen with sushi making after that... but we still managed to roll it.

So we had a break to finish our own cocktails and then moved into the universe of sushi creation. We first tasted what proper sushi should taste like and, let me tell you, chefs at Kouzu killed it. Then we proceeded to get started with our own sushi... of course the rice was already cooked as (as far as I know) it requires a long process, so we were given a portion of rice each, avocado, salmon, seaweed, sesame seeds, some sauces and the only tool needed to roll the sushi: the rolling mat. Easy stuff, it wasn't as disastrous or difficult as I expected it would be; we did two rolls each, one with seaweed inside and another one with seaweed outside... they may not look as perfectly rolled as they should on the pictures, but let me tell you they were both delicious. And it was our first attempt at it ok? Don't be hard on us, I dare you to go and try it yourself! :-)

We had real fun and learned at the same time, so what's better than that? I really want to aim you to spend time on doing things you like, I got the chance to go and enjoy this class with Obby, and realized I should do things like this more often. And yes, it may be difficult or time consuming to engage in a craft, but if you enjoy it just go ahead and find the time to be doing whatever fulfills you, because it's so worth it in the long run. It kind of happens to me already with blogging, I spend lots of time writing, taking pictures, editing, thinking what content I can create, etc... it's really time consuming and sometimes I can get stuck, but I love doing this and then I look at what I've put up here so far and I'm like "wow, I did all this". So yeah, it's really inspiring and rewarding to be able to claim ownership of something. I now can say I not only have a blog where I post my own content but also know how to roll sushi and shake cocktails. BOOM!