Denim shorts are Vintage Levi's, tee and tote bag from Primark and Teva sandals
Pictures by Santi

That's it! Here's my last post from our trip to Thailand. I hope everything I showed and explained was somehow useful to you. I might have said that before and it will sound obvious but this trip just made the start of 2017 so great and different. I'm sure this will be a year of change and really good stuff will be going on, fingers crossed. But anyway, not gonna give you the speech of what I hope for 2017 now, basically cause it's almost March - so let's talk about today's post.

The same way I showed you what I wore while in Bangkok, I though I would also prepare this post about what I think it's most adequate for the islands. Well tbh I was wearing my swim shorts most of the time lol, but when I wasn't then I was wearing something similar to what you're seeing on the pictures: short vintage denim and a plain tee (or a more Hawaiian shirt sometimes), obviously without ironing cause who cares? Also those sandals just made life around the islands much easier as we were jumping on and off boats all the time and we needed something that would hold to our feet better, and yeah, they're full of sand all day round. Also this tote bag came with me everywhere and it almost broke cause I carried lots in it: DSLR camera and two lenses, compact camera, sun protection, water, mosquito repelent, etc. and yeah, not much more to add. That's about all you'd need on the islands really, it's easy life...