Vintage denim jacket, shirt from Bershka, jeans from Asos and Converse All Stars sneakers
Pictures by Santi

Hello guys! Ok so I'm definitely back to routine and this is just very exhausting. I wake up 6am 4 days a week and on my day off I still do some freelance work, which means I don't get to rest at all... but I'm still so happy and grateful for it so here I am typing a few words at midnight. Falling dead on my laptop.
Anyways, as Spring officially started yesterday... here's the first spring inspired outfit I wore a few days ago. To me, denim is directly linked to spring and white is as well, so I put this combo together and went out to enjoy the sun (cause we were lucky enough to have 100% blue skies on that day). Now guys, I swear I did iron that shirt lol, but it's a paint to do whatever when I wear that, it get's wrinkled so damn easily! I definitely see myself getting more and more denim items this season and can't wait for it to be 100% spring, cause right now, rain and sun and clouds and wind all at the same time is driving me kinda crazy...