Roll neck from Topman Premium, jacket from H&M, trousers from Zara, Dr Martens shoes and Rains backpack
Photos by Santi

Hello everyone! I hope you're all ready for the most important event of the year which is happening this week: my birthday. 15 March, note this down. With that said, I also need to point out a couple more exciting things happening on this specific month: it's official I got a new job and I'm a retoucher at! I'm so excited, willing to learn and get better; and last but not least, RPDR season 9 is starting on the 24 March, and I can't wait anymore! Do you understand now why March is my favourite month?!
Ok now yes, let's move into some fashion talk. This is something I wore a couple weeks ago on a Sunday I had to work. I was asked by a friend if I could help with some photography for a brand she's just launching so we went and took pictures of the styled product - then Santi met us later on and we took this pictures of the outfit. It was cold so I needed something warm but not too bulky as I had to be moving a lot to take pictures, so comfortability was what I was going for. This is why I chose to wear this light jacket on top of this turtle neck and the whole combo kept me warm. Ignore my knees, I know, don't mean to be contradictory but I just don't usually wear long socks, my knees are cold resistant. Then I just buttoned the top 2 buttons of the jacket for a more fashion conscious touch, and voilà.
Looking forward to tell you all about next weekend cause, apparently, Santi is organising it all to be all bday focused and I just hope it's gonna be a couple days full of people I love and lots of fun. Week pls go fast!