Trousers from Black Eye Rags(*), Dr Martens shoes, blazer and tee from Zara, Herschel bag and beanie hat from Asos
Photography by Santi

Ok so March is my favourite month. Note that. And not only because it's my birthday and I love getting one year older but also because spring comes with it. I love winter but it gets to a point when it's just too much and I'm a Pisces so I actually need better weather, warmth and get into the water; which won't happen in March yet but, at least, we're getting there. Anyway, the thing is I thought I'd write about some SS-17 trends I've been spotting or reading about so we all can get into the mood. Just please bare in mind this post is shaped to my opinion and personal taste, and that I will use all this as inspiration to just come up with my own looks and keep developing my style; I think we all should play with fashion and not just follow what God knows who says it's trendy. So yeah, now, let's get into it!

Well this is the one I wanted to reflect on my outfit today. So the whole thing is to take tailoring / suits to the next level by making it more fun and chill. Which you basically achieve by mixing suiting pieces with other items and textiles that are more casual and street; and we've seen that before, sure. So ok, on this occasion, I chose to wear the blazer with some other more relaxed pieces; for example, I would still categorise the trousers and shoes as casual pieces but those drop crotch high rise trousers with front pleats are the fashion definition of relaxed. Then a basic t-shirt which fitted a bit oversized and the beanie hat which is the most streetwear item and also added a pinch of colour to the outfit.

Basically 90's or quite retro inspired. This one I'm sure it's evolving and will pass from wintertime to the warmer weathers. It's not about wearing sportswear head to toe but the aim is to, again, mix some sportswear with other casual or even smart pieces. We're talking about brands like Champion, Ellesse, Fila and Puma, to name a few... but more modern brands as Adidas or Nike have also been presenting some retro inspired pieces. TBH I don't feel very comfortable in sweatpants, for example, but I'd wear hoodies all the time and they're great for London's spring.

I reckon that comes from the very much known military trend, I might be totally wrong now but no need to hate. Again, my point of view. I see it being inspired by the military vests and trousers which had big and utilitary pockets or different departments. Apart from pockets I've also noticed all these pieces becoming much more oversized to, again, reflect that relaxed and not-so-formal mood.

And another mixing trend. To me, it gets more difficult to come up with interesting outfits on the warmer months as all I'd wear is shorts and a tee, or swim shorts all day. But I think the mixing of fabrics or prints is actually something I'll apply to my summer outfits in order to achieve a more charismatic look, cause it's all in the details. Instead of going for a plain basic tee, find one with contrasted sleeves or a pair of shorts with a textured hem, etc. Oh but I also just remembered something. Denim on denim is also being a big thing right now and it's actually the antithesis of this "mixing fabrics" trend... but yeah, don't be afraid to put on layers and layers of denim this spring. Maybe not a good idea when we get into summer tho, unless you want to sweat the hell out of you.

With that said, I'm off to scream and jump all around the neighbourhood cause it's official today that I got a new job. I'm looking forward to learn and see what this will bring to my career, tomorrow is my first day and I'm beyond excited. Wish me luck! This also means I'll be back to a more busy schedule and also to post only once a week (most probably). Being a freelance for the last few months has allowed me to post twice a week, but not sure how it'll work out now. We'll see, we'll just let it flow...