Tee and trousers from COS, shoes from Zara, denim jacket from Yourshores(*) and tote bag by Irene Gavalda(*)
Photography by Santi Montero

So yeah, had to get a pair of lenses as I don't want my eyes to get destroyed by the screen, but found out I actually need them for reading and also to focus better any further away point. Whatever, I can't remember to take them off or put them on really, I mainly wear them at work and so I thought I'd show you guys what I'd wear to work on a weekday. Now, let me make clear I'd actually wear whatever I post here to work as my style is very casual and I'd wear whatever for any occasion... but yeah, this is what I specifically wore the other day and took the pictures just after work cause days are getting longer and nothing makes me happier than leaving office and still having an hour of sunlight!
I'm loving the zip detail on the trousers and I'm more than ready to wear it unzipped now that the weather is getting nicer. I was actually about to wear sandals but didn't want to go too over the top and regret it later at 8pm on my way home (note, it gets colder)... lol, so gave another use to those shoes I got for a wedding last summer and I actually haven't used much although I like them, but I think they'll see the light more often now tho, as the esparto layer on the sole makes me want to use them on the summery weather.