Shirt from Bershka, trousers from Pull&Bear, jacket from H&M and Dc Martens shoes
Photography by Santi

Ok, let's be honest. I only wear lenses now to hide my eye bags. HA, no. But the truth is I'm so tired and still can't get used to waking up at 6am everyday. Anyway, today I wanted to feature those new shoes which I got as a present on my bday. Santi knows me well enough and that's how you make me happy, with a new pair of Dc Martens in white (even tho I'll be crying in a couple days when they start getting seriously dirty). But I feel they're perfect for spring, reasons why are the following 1. they're white; 2. they're open shoes, which is what I love the most about them. I feel they're the perfect pair of footwear to transition into spring. And speaking of footwear... I mentioned it on Instagram already but I will be, very soon, posting about all my favourite shoes. But before that, I'll tell you all about how I made my own Gin from scratch thanks to the guys at Airbnb who invited me to live the experience myself - so stay tuned!