So, I partnered with Airbnb and a couple of weeks ago they took Santi and I to one of their available experiences in London, and yeah, we Made Our Own Gin From Scratch! It was really a great afternoon and we learned about something we never thought we could learn that much about, like, really. We like gin, we like gin and tonics, but we never thought about everything behind this, which is actually very interesting.
Aaanyway, we got to Mark's little factory and, after he made sure we had a delicious gin-tonic in our hands, we were presented to a tone of ingredients to choose from depending on if we wanted our own gin to be salty, citric or something in between. After we chose the ingredients we wanted to use for our creation, all of them went into a cute little copper still for around 45 minutes and that's when the distillation process happened. While our own gin was being distilled, we also got introduced to the history of gin and were given some food to go through the whole process... oh, and remember that gin and tonic we picked up as soon as we arrived? It kept being refilled too.
It was a great experience, as I already mentioned, and we took home two bottles of our own gin which tastes like no other as we chose a unique combination of ingredients to create it - exciting! We named them (excuse the naming, we were given only 10 seconds to come up with one haha) but I named mine after my surname and it makes complete sense in Spanish. We had to let the product settle for a week and it's now been settling for two weeks actually. Today we've opened one of the bottles and, let me tell you. You. Gotta. Try. This. Either you try my gin (which will not happen as it is mine and only mine) or you go to Mark yourself and make yours!