Shirt from H&M, drop crotch trousers from Zara, biker jacket from Pull&Bear, tote bag and slip ons from Asos(*)
Photography by Santi

Well so Spring arrives and I'm like: can I wear sandals yet? Is it warm enough to go out without a jacket? Will the sun stay out the whole day today? Daily worries. So I thought I'd put together some things / tips I usually follow or bare in mind when this not-easy-fashion-weather comes around.

So one thing I'll do is start wearing linen items, maybe not trousers but I reckon shirts are a good option to go for. Also another tip is to button them down a bit or maybe wear them open with a basic tee underneath. With this one I'm wearing today, which only has 4 buttons on the neck, I usually wear it buttoned down and then I just button it up if it gets more chill. I guess linen would be my first option to go for but, in general, I'd start introducing more summery textures and fabrics in the outfits. 

I sometimes look like I'm dumb (tbh, I am a bit) as I still find myself going for thick and heavy jackets... then I get into the tube and regret it so bad. So yeah, maybe trying to get the perfect combo of layers is a good idea too - so you can always put some on and take others off depending on how warm or cold it is. The layering of pieces has also been a trend for a while now so try and make the most of it this spring! Also thinner and lighter jackets are also a good idea even tho it's difficult for me to find jackets that work as such without being huge and warm, lol. 

I personally think slip ons are a very summery shoe, yet it's still a closed style so I feel I'll be always save, doesn't matter if it rains later. I only have this pair you see on the images today but I'm quite sure I'll get some more colourful ones when we get more into summer. Another shoe option would be something similar to what I was wearing on the last #ootd post (click here to see), and which are somewhere in between a shoe and a sandal - love'em!