Hi all! So for a few weeks now I've been thinking about sharing part of my shoe collection with you all. It's a mix of winter / summer footwear and I've only selected the styles I've been using the most recently. So let's get into it! Also don't hesitate to click on the images if you want to purchase any of the styles - all of them are linked ;-)

So let's get started with the style everyone should own a pair of: sneakers. The ones I wear all the time are Vans and Converse - comfy, timeless and monochrome. Casual footwear is what I go for on a daily basis anyway so I like to own more than a pair of sneakers cause, you know? Versatility. To be honest, by taking these pictures I've realised every sneaker style I have are either black or white, which is actually not that versatile and which means I'm boring AF... also, this kind of pushes me to get a colourful pair as I think it'd be nice to give a nice pop of colour to the look with a cool pair of colourful kicks! Definitely some money I'll spend this month, sheet.

I think those are the only moccasins I've ever and I will ever have. I mean, never say never, but of course they couldn't be anything else but Dr Martens. You might have already realised but I'm a big fan of this brand. This pair was a bit painful at the beginning but it took them only 1 week to become the most comfortable shoe ever. It may sound crazy but I'd say they're even as comfortable as some sneakers I have. So if I ever have another pair they're definitely going to be from the same brand.

These two are some of my newest additions. I got the sandals just last summer and the white shoes (which I've categorised as sandals cause they're kind of an open style) were one of my birthday presents. Again, both of them are Dr. Martens. And no, Dr. Martens ain't sponsoring this post. I wish. But back to the styles themselves, I've honestly always struggled to get a pair of sandals I really liked cause TBH, I basically wear flip flops in summer so... but I feel like with this pair I finally bumped into the perfect style as it's easy for me to style them in both casual and more formal occasions in summer. The new white ones I just got back in March I loved them from the moment I saw them as they're something different to everything I have design-wise... and I also love a pair of white shoes, even tho I end up crying when they start getting dirty. 

Ok so, I don't really own what I consider formal shoes (apart from the moccasins, which might be the most formal shoe I have, and a couple other pairs maybe which I haven't featured because I don't use much). But all "formal" footwear I get had always a different touch to it, which makes it more unsophisticated, if that makes sense. I've categorised this two pairs of, again, Dr Martens as shoe only because they don't look like a sneaker to me, but I'm obviously aware they're not formal either. Ha. The Dr. Martens / Creeper style I purchased way too long ago and they're actually one size smaller, which means they're just too tight for me but I still wear them (only on short days tho, lol). The woolen style has saved me this winter as they're beyond comfortable and, to me, they're perfect mix of formal and casual, which I love. 

And to wrap it up, I never thought I'd own a pair of chelsea bots even tho it is a style I like, but because I don't have the slimmest / longest legs, I didn't think they'd stylise my shape at all... and that's basically the reason why I don't own any boots at all. But end of last year I got the chance to get this pair from a collaboration with Asos so I risked it and I've actually worn them more than I thought I would!