Shirt from Reclaimed Vintage, jeans from ASOS, Converse All Star sneakers, jacket from Topman and Rayban sunnies
Photography by Santi

So yeah, I've the feeling stripes are going to be a popular print in my wardrobe for the upcoming season. There's something about them that really reminds me of summer... maybe because I've always seen them on sunshades at the beach or on ice-cream trucks? Dunno but I just like them so much and I'm ready to add some stripes to my wardrobe! On another note, I love this shirt and got it online without thinking it twice. Too quick. Very sadly, I had to return it (yes, even after I wore it once) cause it wasn't comfortable at all. Mental note: next time pls read all the details of the item you're about to purchase. The thing is, as I've labeled further up, this one shirt is from Reclaimed Vintage so ok, it wasn't expensive. But £38 is not something I'd spend for a 100% polyester item which makes my manly arms hair go nuts because of the static cling, and it also was sticking to my skin because of the same reason. Anyways, I know there's ways to get rid of static cling on clothes, etc. but I wasn't going to go through that much effort for a fashion item, tbh.
Aaaaanyway, get ready for next post which is a collaboration with a brand I really like and worked with before... I posted some pics on Instagram already but, as always, I'll put all of them nicely together here - so stay tuned!